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Mark is an artist/educator with the following companies:

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Now's the time...

You've always wanted to advance your drumming. Take that first step to fulfilling your potential.

  • Develop a rich, clear and balanced sound on the drum set.
  • Master the fundamentals of drumming with your hands and feet.
  • Develop a process of practicing that doesn't overwhelm you.
  • Deepen your level of musical understanding, groove and feel in styles from over 14 countries.
  • Develop your "inner composer" at the drums.
  • Open yourself to more opportunities by developing your reading and chart interpretation skills.
  • Develop your focus and concentration.

Mark Walker's lessons and concepts are designed to help you strengthen your musicality, technique, time, rhythmic palette, listening skills, coordination, phrasing and creativity. 

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  • Virtual Office Hour
  • Lessons on Afro-Cuban Styles
  • Lessons on Brazilian Styles
  • Lessons on Caribbean Styles
  • Lessons on South American Styles
  • Lessons on Rock Styles
  • Lessons on Funk Styles
  • Lessons on Swing and Contemporary Jazz Styles (Coming Soon!)
  • Lessons on Brush Playing
  • Play Along Tracks
  • Lessons on Reading and Chart Interpretation 
  • PDF Charts
  • Technique Builders
  • Rudimental Lessons 
  • Lessons on Stick Control Applications
  • Warmup Lessons
  • Lessons on Soloing
  • Coordination Workouts
  • Drums in 4-D Course
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Mark Walker Lessons Membership


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  • Virtual Office Hour
  • Custom Designed Lesson on a Topic of Your Choice
  • Afro-Cuban Styles
  • Brazilian Styles
  • Caribbean Styles
  • South American Styles
  • Rock Styles
  • Funk Styles
  • Swing and Contemporary Jazz Styles (Coming Soon!)
  • Brushes
  • Play Along Tracks
  • Reading and Chart Interpretation
  • PDF Charts
  • Technique Builders
  • Rudiments
  • Stick Control 
  • Warmups
  • Solo Concepts
  • Coordination Workouts
  • Drums in 4-D Course
  • World Jazz Drumming Expanded Course (Coming Soon!)
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