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Welcome to, your path to becoming a better drummer.

Hi, my name is Mark Walker and I'm the founder of I'm a multi-Grammy and Latin Grammy Award winning drummer, composer, author and professor of percussion at Berklee College of Music.

You're here because you want to move forward with your drumming.  You don't want to waste any time, and are ready to do some serious practicing.  I created these video lessons to give you full access to my knowledge, techniques, and wisdom from 40 years of professional experience on stages and studios worldwide.  

How many of you have looked other sites and become overwhelmed at the sheer volume of what's available?  Big name drummers, blazing chops and fancy gear can be enticing, but many of the concepts and techniques they offer wind up leaving you back where you started. If you want to play at a professional level, you have to study with someone who is performing at that level, but can also break down any concept into a logical progression of steps.  

Each lesson you'll find here is inspired from my experience onstage and in the studio with the ultimate masters of music, and is crafted to take you from point A to point B, one step a a time.

If you want to make significant improvements in these areas:

  • Time
  • Technique
  • Coordination
  • Authenticity in Latin Feels
  • A Swinging Jazz Feel
  • Pocket Playing
  • Soloing
  • Reading and Chart Interpretation
  • Brushes
  • Sound and Tone

...Then this is the place for you to find lessons on these topics and many more.

What makes these drum lessons unique? The inspiration for all the lessons came from what master composers, arrangers and bandleaders asked of me: to compliment their music authentically, passionately and dynamically - and often do it on the spot, often sight-reading arrangements.  My students at Berklee College of Music, Drummers Collective and masterclasses have always realized that a lesson with me is a step towards their professional career. My objective is to train you to be a complete musician at the drums.

My goals for you are:

  • To help you developing a technique that allows for playing what you want to hear - easily.
  • To offer you a practice routine that takes you out of ego, worry and stress and allows into a pure space of breathing and developing muscle memory.
  • To teach you in a simple, straightforward, step-by-step way, how to set goals and achieve them.
  • To fall in love with practicing, and performing music on the drums.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional, is here for you:

  • Beginners can work on their sound and tone, the rudimental and stick control exercises as well as basic time feels in rock, funk, Latin and swing.
  • Intermediate players can strengthen their technique through the rudimental ritual while working on chart interpretation and gaining a deeper understanding of styles.
  • Advanced and professional players will benefit from the advanced coordination studiesplay-along tracks and solo applications.

To study with me privately, you would have to pay at least $150 per hour. If you sign up for a yearly subscription, you have 24/7 access to all my lessons, play along tracks, for less than the price of two lessons with me.

If that’s not enough, included in the price of membership is free feedback on your video submissions, as well as a periodic free virtual office hour where you and other members can ask questions and hear me demonstrate what I teach. 

My first teacher, Roy C. Knapp (who also taught Gene Krupa, Louis Bellson and Hal Blaine) was an old-school total percussionist with his own one-man school, teaching me music theory, harmony, rudiments and the intricacies of the open and closed rolls in different time signatures. Mr. Knapp said, "You have to study like a doctor or a lawyer if you want to be a musician.” I took this to heart, eventually realizing the importance of being able to control the sticks, control one's sound, know the styles from the roots up and fit into any ensemble.  

Here the tradition continues in my lessons on rudiments and sound, allowing you to strengthen your foundation of technique and sound in a way that's applicable to any style of music.

From the many album dates and jingles I've played on over the years, I've learned how crucial the art of chart reading and interpretation is for survival. Here, you'll learn the ins and outs of navigating the form, dynamics and figures of a chart in the chart reading and interpretation lessons found here. 

From the beginning of my journey in music, I found myself playing many gigs with musicians from around the globe, especially South America and the Caribbean, and well as Asia, Europe and the Middle East. My lessons on South American and Caribbean styles will give you the inside information you need to learn the process of getting an authentic feel in any style. 

Playing high-level gigs like Paquito D'Rivera, Oregon, Lyle Mays, Michel Camilo, WDR big band and Caribbean Jazz Project required me not only to know styles, but to be able to improvise on them as well. In the improvisation lessons, you'll find valuable information and practices that allow you to develop your own language and apply it to a variety of styles.

My students at Berklee for the past two decades have grown by leaps and bounds, benefitting from practicing the many challenges I've given them in coordination, stickings and rudimental applications.  Here you'll find the same concepts in lessons on The Rudimental Ritual, Orchestrating the Rudiments, and the coordination workout Drums in 4-D.

You can start anywhere in at this site and get a great practice session happening right way.

You will have the full benefit of my 40 years in the business as a guide - at your fingertips - with studies in a variety of topics, play-along tracks, exercises and charts, with new lessons each month, all for a very low price.

In my mind, everyone just needs to uncover the great musician they already are.  This is accomplished through practice, study and listening. The sooner you commit to moving forward, the sooner you'll be making music in an inspired, clear and authentic space.

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